Frequently Asked Questions

NaukriFever is a unique blend and a link between Job Seekers and conventional recruitment companies. We solve your pain by receiving compatible profiles and saving you from the horror of expensive consulting charges. The recruiters at NaukriFever handle each operation separately resulting in better and quick hire. Moreover the pricing is such which allows every company to try our services without any hesitation.

That's an entrepreneur talking, there are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, the inexpensive cost of hiring dilutes the seriousness and secondly, it adds up more as a liability for us to perform better. Hence, our experience upfront commitment gives a better result. But to ensure mutual interests we charge 50% of the fees on the commencement of the operation and 50% once you hire a candidate through NaukriFever.

Yes its true, but something you should be knowing that we have a hit ratio of 75 to 80% and the quality of getting resumes better and better after every feedback. Moreover, 90% of our clients end up with recruiting at least once. And yes we understand your apprehension, (what if i dont like anyone? and don't want to hire at all), in this case we have 100% Money-back guarantee.

Our skilled recruiters filter each and every application that we receive and then the relevant ones who are willing to work with you are forwarded to you in a batch of 2 to 5 CVs every alternate day.

By now you must have realized that there is nothing to lose, but in terms of gaining, we take over all your hiring headache. All you need to do is help us with your job description and hire the best. We post, screen, run a telephonic round of interview, schedule interviews, follow-up and YOU CAN HIRE THE BEST!

Our motto is to care about your interest. So to be double sure of whether we can close the vacancy or not, the skilled recruiters at NaukriFever run a probability check to make sure that our delivery should be flawless and successful.

As many as you want. We guarantee that you will hire one candidate for sure. Rest you can hire as many as you want. We don't charge even a single rupee for extra hiring.

Every project we undertake is an operation for us, it gives out recruiters a mission to accomplish all operations.

The plan amount and the service tax. (which will be charged by the Govt.). Nothing apart from this.

Honestly speaking, there's no poop. Our indigenous processes and professional recruiters make the job 10 times easier and 5 times cost effective.